1982 Jul. Sangyokiden Co., Ltd. established
1982 Jul. Edge controller developed
Tension controller developed
1982 Oct. High-speed automatic packing machine, “SC-80” (Patent) developed
1982 Dec. Blender for 2 kinds material, “BL-150A” developed and launched
1983 Jan. Automatic packing machine (Patent) developed
1984 Oct. Material conveying system, “Pellet feeder PF-720” developed and launched
1985 Mar. Blender for 3 and 4 kinds material devoloped and launched
1986 Sep. Packing machine for inline (Patent pending) developed and launched
1987 Jun. Made a presentation at 「Pack Osaka ’87」
1987 Jul. Packing machine robot for plastic bags devoloped and launched
1987 Oct. Tokyo office opened
1988 Oct. Gravimetric blender “MBL series” devoloped and launched
1988 Nov. Made a presentation at Japan plastic/rubber Fair 「JP’88」
1989 Jun. Relocate the office building to the new site
1989 Dec. Automatic packing machine for standard plastic bags devoloped (patent pending )
1990 Apr. Related company, “Meca House Co., Ltd.” established
1990 Nov. Made a presentation at Japan plasctic/rubber Fair 「JP’90」
1992 Jan. Capital increased to 30 million yen
1992 Sep. The site for the second factory in Kobukawa purchased(1,983㎡)
1992 Oct. Osaka office opened
1993 Jan. Meca house co., ltd. moved to the site of second factory
1994 Aug. Set up a partnership with Motan, Germany for sales and production
1995 Sep. Head office extended
1995 Oct. Loss in weight type master batch dosing unit launched
1997 Aug. Set up a partnership with Starling inc., U.S.A. for sales and
production of temperature control unit
2000 Apr. Nagoya office opened
2001 Aug. The second factory renovated opened
2001 Dec. High-speed w-type series “packing machine for plastic bags” developed and launched
2002 Nov. Made a presentation at 「IPF’02」
2003 Mar. Multiseriate type “packing machine for standard bag” developed and launched
2004 Sep. Gravimetric blender “MBS series” developed and launched
2005 Dec. Related company “Zhangjiagang Takeda Machinery Co., Ltd.” established
2006 Dec. Korea office opened
2008 Oct. Gravimetric blender MBX-SU series developed and launched
2009 Mar. Zhangjiagang Takeda Machinery Co., Ltd. changed the name to “Zhangjiagang Semco Co., Ltd.”
2009 Jul. Sangyokiden Co., Ltd.changed the name to “Semco Co., Ltd.”
2012 Dec. Gravimetric blender FB1 series developed and launched
2018 Feb. Gravimetric blender FB1 series won “Chugoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director’s Award” at “7th Manufacturing Japan Award”