Semco group

The Semco Group was founded in 1982 from the standview of an inflation molding user, and has aimed to create a “comfortable” and “productive” plastic molding site through manufacturing with mechatronics technology.

Semco group is an advanced development group that pursues the ideals of products that meet the needs of customers and suit to the trend of times. Centered on Semco Holdings, which controls the entire group, Semco group consists of five independent business units, each with its own characteristics, and comprehensively supports customers in the plastic molding field.

Semco Holdings Co., Ltd.

As a hub of the group, “Semco Holdings” controls the entire group to meet the customer’s needs accuraly, and takes a lead role in cooperation between the groups and promotion of each company’s business.

Semco Co., Ltd.

“Semco” took over the main business of the former Sangyokiden Co., Ltd. from the time of its founding. It developes, manufactures and sells plastic molding peripherals mainly for customers in Japan.

Semco International Co., Ltd.

“Semco International” sells plastic molding peripherals mainly in overseas markets

Meca House Co., Ltd.

“Meca House” is a group of expert craftsmanship which supports Semco group’s manufacturing with reliable technology, delivering reliable quality to our customers.

Zhangjiagang Semco Co., Ltd.

“Zhangjiagang Semco” is the Semco group’s production base in China to realize low-priced and high-quality Semco products.