Semco’s spirit

“Do you have any problems?”

The founder used to work in the inflation molding industry. He wanted to automate work somehow that cannot be rested for 24 hours, and improve the quality and productivity of the products by improving the working environment. The company was founded with the mission of achieving this. At the time of the founding, we started by asking our customers about their worries and problems., “Do you have any problems?” Devising a new way from customer’s problem, we support them by developing the products that can solve their problem. This is the starting point of our business activities and it will never change.

Social mission

Through our strength “mechatronics”, we support the realization of “comfortable”, “with high quality” and “productive” plastic molding sites.

Management philosophy

We will provide the products you request in an unexpected way.
We will achieve mutual prosperity for customers, shareholders, communities and employees.