Notice of discontinuation

Thank you always for using our products.

As we receive many inquiries about maintenance support for our main product, Gravimetric blender, we would like to post information about the support status as below.

The maintenance support period for discontinued products is 8 years after the discontinuation.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Model name Date of discontinuation Maintenance response period Current maintenance status
MBL type September 1994 August 2002 End of maintenance
MBA type July 2000 June 2008 End of maintenance
MBE type September 2004 August 2012 End of maintenance
MBX type July 2013 June 2021 Maintenance is possible (touch panel is rebuilt)
MBS type December 2013 November 2021 Maintenance is possible (touch panel is rebuilt)
MBF type Currently on sale (MBS type control update version)
FB1 type Currently on sale