Product information


Gravimetric Blender Fast Blend FB1 series Blender weighs and mixes pellet, powder and regrind material. It realizes a unique weighing system and usability, and deals with the diversifying formulations from large plants to laboratory levels. We respond flexibly to the site.

Dosing unit

Masterbatch dosing unit ALS-F Dosing unit supplys pellet, powder, and regrind material. As well as a small amount of pigment and additives, it is possible to supply the material that cannot be conveyed, such as powder, regrind material and recycled material directly to the molding machine.

Powder remover

Vacuum type Powder removing hopper KT3 series Powder remover removes dust (powder, floss) mixed in the material. To eliminate fish eye gel, which is a major issue in the increasingly sophisticated product requirements, Conveying unit (suction/pneumatic transportation) and Blender etc., have a dust removal function to efficiently remove dust.

Flow meter

Flow meter ALS-M series The extrusion amount is measured and displayed in real-time. It can be used for various purposes such as fluctuation of extrusion amount, grasp of material usage, and layer ratio control of multi-layer machines.

Material conveying unit

Pellet feeder PFT series It conveys pellets, powder, and regrind materials. It supports diversifying line configurations, from material silos to directly above the molding machine.

Take-up Extrusion Width control unit

Take-up Extrusion Width control unit TEW series TEW controls to meet customer’s requirements for advanced product specification. It enables automation of take-up, extrusion, and width control, which are important elements in the extrusion molding process.

Automatic Bag-Packaging machine

Standard bag packaging machine KH type Packaging machine wraps standard bags and plastic bags. It is possible to handle packaging of special shaped bags with a flexible idea.

Dehumidifier dryer

Dehumidifier dryer CA series A dehumidifying and drying generator properly dries plastic materials. By optimally controlling the temperature, time, and air flow, moisture is properly removed without damaging the materials, and then prevents poor drying such as silver.

Metal detectors/separators

Metal separator PROTECTOR Detects and removes metal contamination mixed in materials and products. It prevents major damage to the production line such as molds, screws, cylinders, etc. due to accidental mixing of metal contamination due to carelessness.


In-line magnet MAGBOX-MXP Removes metal contamination (Fe) mixed in materials. It can be easily installed in places where contamination is expected (such as in the stock hopper).