Dosing unit

Dosing unit supplys pellet, powder, and regrind material. As well as a small amount of pigment and additives, it is possible to supply the material that cannot be conveyed, such as powder, regrind material and recycled material directly to the molding machine.

Masterbatch dosing unit ALS-F (Gravimetric)

Masterbatch dosing unit ALS-F

Gravimetric dosing unit for pellets such as master batches. Ideal for applications that require the stability of continuous supply, such as extruders.
●Accurate dosing even at low flow rates
Regression analysis is adopted to calculate the flow rate, enabling accurate flow rate detection even at low flow rates. (Sampling time fixed at 0.5 seconds)
●Easy material change
The weighing hopper and screw feeder are equipped with a shutter to prevent materials from scattering.
●Interlocking with extruder
Dosing amount can be set by signal at voltage 0-10V (current 4-20mA) or communication (RS232C)
Interlocking operation with extruder is also possible.
●Wide range (F-250 / 251/252/254)
A combination of two types of screws can handle 0.5-40 kg / h.
(Low speed type 0.2-20kg / h)
●Compact (F-252 / 253/254)
All the necessary functions of the loss in feeder are stored in a small body.
●Easy viewing
I/O information, A/D, D/A current location information, and operation status monitor. Equipped with RS232C board 1 channel. (operation information, setting change, parameter setting)

Masterbatch dosing unit MINICOLOR (Volumetric)

Masterbatch dosing unit MINICOLOR

MINICOLOR it is mounted between the feed throuat and hopper of injection machine and extruder, and by combining additives to the virgin materials.
●Coloring by direct dosing
Dispersion prevention, high precision dosing, quality stability, space saving installation.
●Easy workability
Easy material change, MB hopper removable type, efficient material change work.
●Simple design
Small size (350 x 500 x 400), Weight approx. 15 kg. (※2 kinds of material)