Take-up Extrusion Width control unit

TEW controls to meet customer’s requirements for advanced product specification. It enables automation of take-up, extrusion, and width control, which are important elements in the extrusion molding process.

Take-up Extrusion Width control unit TEW series

Take-up Extrusion Width control unit TEW series

In the inflation molding process, “take-up speed (thickness)”, “extrusion amount”, and “film width” are automatically controlled with the touch of a button, making it possible for anyone to produce higher quality products in a short time and efficiently.
■Accurate and quick Take-up (thickness) control

  • Keeping the set film thickness constant, it can produce stable-quality products.
  • Once Take-up control is applied, Take-up speed instantly corresponds to the set thickness.
  • Since the thickness is adjusted instantly, it is possible to eliminate waste of materials when switching products.

■Accurate and functional Extrusion control

  • Film thickness will be constant by controlling the extrusion amount to be constant.
  • The Take-up speed is calculated by inputting the molding data (total width, thickness, extrusion amount, specific gravity).
  • Rotational speed of extrusion screw is controlled to prevent decreasing of extrusion amount due to clogging of the mesh screen.
  • Material consumption can be managed by displaying the integrated value.
  • Multi-layer (~ 5 layer) extrusion control is also possible. (Extrusion amount setting for each layer or total extrusion amount + ratio setting for each layer)

■Accurate Width control

  • The film width is automatically controlled within a certain range, and stable products can be produced.
  • Keeping the width constant regardless of changes in temperature in the morning and evening.
  • It is possible to meet the customer’s high quality requirements of product width.

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